Boy George interview about Madonna and Kylie are lies

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From Boy George's Twitter:

@1983_be @_madonnarama @TETUMag A distortion of what I said! The idea of me as ‘uber bitch’ prevails! Sadly!

@andyBruce1962 @Frenchboyfans Yes, it’s outrageous and completely putting false words into my mouth!

@Frenchboyfan It is completely slanderous and I did not say these things! I am very upset!

@CarlosKech It’s completely shocking and full of lies! My lawyers will deal with it now!

@Vertigo TheatreP We shall see if I actually said that? My lawyer is dealing with it!

@RomainBurrel If you have me on tape saying ‘Madonna & Kylie’ in the exact sentence you printed then put it online! Please!


From TETU article:

I’ve never been willing to sacrifice myself for the latest trends. It’s never been my thing. [Madonna and Kylie Minogue] try to cling to their pop crowns at all cost and even go as far as denying who they really are.
It’s better to take a break for a few years than denying who you really are, just for fame! -Boy George






sew them George!!

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