Chris Martin, Jay Z, Adele, Madonna and More Music Stars Who Haven't Taken the Ice Bucket Challenge

2008 Madonna by Tom Munro - Tourbook Sticky & Sweet (Outtake)
Since the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on July 29, it's become a viral sensation raising more than $40 million in donations to fight amyotrophic lateral sclerosis commonly called Lou Gehrig’s Disease. 
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The brilliant marketing plan has gotten celebrities across all realms of business, entertainment and politics to participate in either pouring a bucket of freezing cold water over their heads and posting a video online or donating money to the cause, often opting to do both. 
We've seen Katy Perry in a bikini, Foo Fighters parody Carrie, Dr. Dre, K-Pop star Siwon, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, Lil Wayne, Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea, Shakira and more take part, each passing the modest torture-for-charity's-sake forward by issuing the challenge to another friend and hence the phenomenon continues. 
Watch Katy Perry's Bikini-Clad ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Nominates Madonna

But there are a number of celebrities who have quietly refused to participate, or have at least not done so publicly. (Who's dumping ice over him or herself privately?) Here's a list of 10 musicians who have been challenged and but have not participated.
Chris Martin - nominated by Gwyneth Paltrow, Shakira
Jared Leto — nominated by Lindsay Lohan
Jay Z - nominated by Will Smith
Adele - nominated by Lady Gaga
Noel Gallagher - nominated by Liam Gallagher
Kanye West - nominated by Skrillex, Harry Styles
Pharrell - nominated by Usher, Liam Payne
Bruce Spingsteen - nominated by Eddie Vedder
P. Diddy — nominated by Usher, Swizz Beats
Watch Lady Gaga Complete the Ice Bucket Challenge With A Very Gaga Twist

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is showing no sign of cooling off.
In case you’ve been living on a space station for the past month, the social media phenomenon is channeling money and awareness toward Lou Gehrig's disease by confronting celebrities and everyone else to either pour a bucket of freezing water over their head or donate $100 to support the cause. Many are opting to do both. And musicians have been all over it. There was Katy Perry in a bikini, Foo Fighters did a parody of "Carrie", Dr. Dre, K-Pop star Siwon, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, Lil Wayne and countless others. Donations can be made here to the sponsoring ALS Association. 
Billboard has rounded up 10 more famous Ice Bucket participants from the music world. (Note to Miley Cyrus: this isn’t a “Rice Bucket Challenge”. And apparently in Wayne Coyne's world, iced water is sparkly)

Jennifer Lopez


Shania Twain


Iggy Azalea


Miranda Lambert


Miley Cyrus




Wayne Coyne


Faith Hill


Rita Ora


Simon Cowell

With so many A-listers taking part in the very viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, even more pop stars are getting in on the charitable action. On Saturday (August 16), Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Carrie Underwood, Fifth Harmony and The Vamps all dumped a bucket of ice over their heads, which is helping spread the message about Lou Gehrig's disease.

The challenge has grown bigger and bigger since it kicked off, with folks not only taking part in it, but also nominating their pals to do the same. Those nominated have 24 hours to respond to the call of action or they have to donate $100 to the cause. And, in many cases, folks are doing both.

Swift was joined by actress Jaime King for her video. She was in the middle of rehearsals for her 2014 VMAs performance. She had been challenged by Ingrid Michaelson and Lily Aldridge. She has since nominated pals Selena Gomez, Emma Stone and Ed Sheeran. And, yes, she also donated to the cause.

Selena accepted the challenge in no time, posting her video to Instagram. She wrote, "Accepted!!!! @ryanseacrest @taylorswift my whole team is donating!"


Underwood brought hubby, hockey player Mike Fisher, along for her video. And, they even stepped it up by having a forklift dump ice cold water on them. Underwood passed the challenge onto Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles.

Lucky for their fans, The Vamps went shirtless for their challenge. And while Underwood had a forklift do the heavy lifting, it was Fifth Harmony who dumped water on the British pop band. And, they set their sights pretty high, nominating President Obama to take the challenge.

While the fellas of The Vamps got soaked by the ladies of Fifth Harmony, the girls also accepted the challenge, posting their own video. Take note, Austin Mahone, the girl group has since nominated you.

I nominate Stefano Gabbana, Nash Edgerton and Joel Edgerton! Make sure you donate to -Kylie Minogue

Justin Timberlake and The Tennessee Kids accept the #AlsIceBucketChallenge.TN Kids out there - be sure to donate:!


(As of press time, most of the newly challenged had not been iced. Yet.)



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