Kid Rock mentioned Madonna on his interview (Video)


(Watch the entire Kid Rock interview —the Madonna comment is at 7:34.)

OK, he referred to himself as Bob in the interview we did with him this past week, but everybody else knows him as Kid Rock, and the Detroit-loving musician wasn't shy in his criticism of another Motor City native, Madonna.

"Madonna ain't done nothin' for Detroit," Kid claimed, but then showed a bit of remorse. "I picture my mom sitting in front of her TV saying, 'Now, Bob, you don't have to blow someone else's candle out to make yours glow brighter.' "

But perhaps in a sign to come, billionaire Dan Gilbert—the Quicken Loans founder and Cleveland Cavaliers owner who has bet big on the comeback of financially ruined Detroit—was quick to respond, "Don't count her out."

Earlier this month,

about Detroit: "Its time for a renaissance lets bring back the motor city lets bring back."




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