Kylie Minogue talks about her new album and dream collaboration with Madonna (Video)

Kylie Minogue spoke to Huffington Post UK about her new album "Kiss me once" and working with Sia to produce the tracks. She also spoke of dream collaborations with Madonna and Lady Gaga and how she has navigated 25 years of celebrity.

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They should do it!

wish Madonna the best BUT

I love M and i adore Kylie (i wish and i keep my finger cross they will make it and collaborate ^^)

in a more important issue as M promoting her freedom and her project of artistic way of expression ,i want to address this:

Madonna ( i really do love her and admire her ) - i play her songs all the time and i made so many remixes and and events to celebrate her and her creations.


I do not think her political view match mein at almost %80:

- she seems to be confused by her admiration of the History and the mankind to the beginning of Israel (that if i am a religious man - i will be happy and proud of) But this current "Evil - Money sucking - controlling - want a revenge - racist - no human value to non-Jews" Israel. That her Kabbalah "which is great" friends twisted her mind to represent the old Israel as this yuk one now.

- so she reward Israel, and now because her love to blacks and gays (that i am a gay boy) and (i love black, my first f°cker was a black and i raised with them) she likes Obama and this "historical" first black president!! that still no woman achieve it in "freedom country" America!! that 1000s years before our time were many Arabians and Indians and Africans queens who ruled and made wonderful achievements.. and by the way Obama himself criticize Madonna in very bad way. in 2times 2008 as she is old and she need to dress her age Oo 2012 when his crew clearify him as a Christian not "black Muslim"

- Putin is great man and an amazing leader. How he can shifts the fundamental culture values and believe of his people! He did not forbid gay and he welcome them at the Olympics ... he have many mistakes BUT his positive are more than his negatives;

at least he do not support Jehads and radicals to kill people for Geopolitical or natural resources reasons. he do not bomb every where and use words or media to cover it up. He do not interfere with internal matters as he is allowed to.

He does not act as a king of Roma, okay..

In the end i really deeply love Madonna no matter what, just i wish she can clean her mind from-this Israeli shits

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