Like A Virgin sung by Quentin Tarantino Movies (Video)

Like A Virgin sung by Quentin Tarantino Movies

One of the essential Quentin Tarantino scenes is the frank roundtable analysis of "Like a Virgin" from the 1992 crime classic Reservoir Dogs. Now, thanks to animator and visual effects artist Glenn O Neill, the filmmaker's fans can enjoy a full-on "Virgin" mash-up, which features dialogue snippets from iconic Tarantino characters – from Mr. Pink to Jules Winnfield to Adolf Hitler – spliced into a spoken-word version of Madonna's classic 1984 single. 
But O Neill goes one goofy step further with his clip, adjusting crucial lyrics to fit Tarantino's trademark, profanity-laced dialogue. "I made it through the valley of darkness," opens the tune, with a reference to Samuel L. Jackson's chilling, Bible-quoting Pulp Fiction soliloquy. "Somehow I made it through / Didn't know how lost I was / until I found you." (Elsewhere, "You made me feel shitty and new," "You're a fine motherfucker, and you're mine" and "You made me feel I got nothin' to hide up his ass.")
The video is also a reminder of how many memorable characters Tarantino has put on the big screen – from gimps to war heroes to martial arts masters to heroic slaves. 
In related news, Tarantino is moving forward with his upcoming 1870s Western The Hateful Eight. According to a report from The Denver Post (via The Hollywood Reporter), the state of Colorado recently approved a $5 million incentive package to bring in the $44 million production, which could be shot on a 900-acre ranch west of ski town Telluride, pending local permit approval. 
Back in January, a first draft of the film's script was leaked online. A "depressed" Tarantino then abandoned work on the project before changing his mind months later. The Hateful Eight is scheduled for a 2015 release. (RollingStone)

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