Madonna 2nd on The Most Famous Pop Musician In History

Jesus is the most important person history, according to a new internet search programme that ranks Napoleon second and Mohammed third.

The software, developed in the US, scours the internet for opinions expressed about famous people and uses a special algorithm to to predict how important they will remain 200 years after their death.

And it has thrown up some unusual and potentially embarrassing results with Prime Minister David Cameron all the way down in 1,483rd place.

The first Briton on the list is William Shakespeare in fourth place closely followed by Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Adolf Hitler and Alexander the Great.

Kings and Queens of England rank highly with Henry VIII in 11th place, Elizabeth I in 13th, Queen Victoria in 16th and Charles I in 39th.

Surprisingly Nelson Mandela ranks only 356th well below President Barack Obama at 111th and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at 271st.

Steven Skiena, professor of computer science at Stony Brook University, in New York and one of the people behind the programme said the algorithm can also be used to measure social changes, notably the importance of women in society.

He told the Sunday Times: ‘We can prove that women have required substantially greater achievement levels than men – equivalent to around four IQ points – to get noticed for posterity’.

Mozart is the highest ranking musician on the list at 24th, Beethoven follows in 27th and Bach in 48th.

Madonna, at 121st trumps Bob Dylan (130th) and John Lennon (162nd), however Elvis reigns as the most famous pop musician in 69th.

Winston Churchill in 37th place is well beaten by Theodore Roosevelt in 23rd place and even by George W Bush who is one place ahead in 36th.

Mr Skiena and his colleague Charles Walker, who works as a Google engineer, have published their finding in a new book called Who’s Bigger.




Madonna is amazing! OMG Elvis!


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