Madonna bumps into Rihanna / Guy Sigsworth talks about working with Madonna

Madonna bumps into Rihanna while out with Timor Steffens
Despite rumors of a split, Madonna stepped out with Timor Steffens Sunday night.
They were with an entourage seeing “Sleep No More” at the McKittrick Hotel before heading to the Gallow Green rooftop, where they “snuggled” over dinner.
As Madge left, she happened to run into Rihanna, who was taking a studio break.
“They smiled and laughed, then went their separate ways,” a spy said.
Madge has also been in the studio recording with producers including DJ Dahi, Blood Diamonds and Diplo. (NYPost)


Guy Sigsworth talks about working with Madonna
Radar Online interviewed Guy Sigsworth about collaborating with 
Madonna on 'What It Feels Like For A Girl' song from her album 'Music'.
Radar Online: How did you approach working with someone the stature of Madonna when you collaborated on What It Feels Like for a Girl?
Guy Sigsworth: That song was quite an unusual situation.
I sent Madonna a backing track, which already had the spoken word bit in and then she wrote a vocal to it.
At the start of our meeting together she sang me her guide vocal, which I thought was great. There was just one thing, in that it worked perfectly against the chorus but it was a little odd against the verse.
Madonna said she wanted the music adjusted to better fit her melody so I moved a bar to bring it in line with the verse and she said she thought was too simple.
She wanted to use the sounds that were already there so there was no question of overdubbing things so what I did was to create the arrangement by basically just chopping up and re-positioning sounds that were already in the mix in different positions around her vocal to create the verse.
That was a wonderful challenge because I stuck with what I’d brought on the demo, obviously Spike (*co-producer Mark ‘Spike’ Stent) made sure it sounded even better but we never went into opening up a load of new synths or samplers to find new sounds.
It was just ‘where do we place the sounds we have to make the verse work?’ It was a problem but in a way it was brilliant in the way she imposed a restriction on it that made us be more creative.
What It Feels Like For A Girl - Live at The Brixton Academy

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I love that song!


one of her great ballad songs!!!!!!!!

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