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"Most people think that I've made a career out of doing the unexpected, and to a certain extent, they're right. While I've envisioned myself doing many things in this life, writing children's books was never one of them. So how did it happen?

The idea first came about through my Kabbalah teacher, who suggested that I share the spiritual wisdom I've learned studying the Kabbalah by writing children's stories.

And then there's my own children. Raising kids makes most people, including myself, grow up at least a little. It also makes us more responsible and more thoughtful about our own actions and their consequences for those around us.

Reading to my kids at night seemed like the ideal time to teach them a thing or two about life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

The world's seal of approval could never mean as much to me as my daughter's. If she fidgeted, fell asleep or reached for another book while I read my "works in progress" to her, I knew I was not finished with my work.

The English Roses is the first of five stories I have written. It deals with envy and jealousy - and how these emotions cause so much unnecessary suffering in our lives. I only wish I had read about some of these subjects when I was a little kid.

I hope these children's books inspire kids of all ages - even grown-up ones." -Madonna


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Ready, Set, Vote! #10

Release: July 9, 2009
Publisher: Puffin
Hampstead School is getting political! When school elections roll around, Nicole decides to run for class president, and Grace volunteers to be her campaign manager. The only problem is, Grace starts treating the election like one of her football matches, and instead of focusing on Nicole, Grace starts making the election all about beating opponents. Can the English Roses help draw Grace in before the final ballots are cast?

The Runway Rose #9

Release: April 16, 2009
Publisher: Puffin
Amy's absolutely thrilled when her mum gets her an after-school job working behind the scenes at Marks & Spencer Teen Fashionista week; it seems a perfect opportunity to polish her design skills and cultivate her true passion for fashion! But when a talent scout convinces Amy that she should actually appear on the runway as a model for the big show, things start to fall apart.

A Perfect Pair #8

Release: December 26, 2008
Publisher: Puffin
Nicole's partner for the Science Fair turns out to be another superstar student, and they become inseparable. But rumors swirl that she and Jackson Elliot might be (gasp!) more than friends! Will Nicole let gossip tear her new friendship apart? Can the English Roses (and Miss Fluffernutter, who's feeling the blush of love herself!) save Valentine's Day?

Hooray for the Holidays #7

Release: Sept 11, 2008
Publisher: Puffin
The English Roses are in a tizzy over the gift exchange at school, especially Charlotte. Certain she'll get something fabulous, she can't hide her dismay at ending up with a dumpy pot holder. After her Secret Santa, the nerdy Jeanette Jones, runs off in tears, the English Roses help Charlotte grasp the true meaning of Christmas.

Being Binah #6

Release: July 17, 2008
Publisher: Puffin
Tired of being "the nice one," who is always taken for granted, Binah is ready to try being something--or someone--new. But how will the new and maybe-not-so-improved Binah fit in with the English Roses? And with a certain someone--her latest crush, Ben--who might have liked the old Binah a little bit more than he'd let on?

Big-Sister Blues #5

Release: May 29, 2008
Publisher: Puffin
Amy's convinced that her life as she knows it will be over after the arrival of her new baby sister. When pregnancy forces her mother to cancel their long-planned trip to Milan, she feels that things couldn't possibly be worse until the English Roses have to take Charlotte's younger brother to the circus!

A Rose By Any Other Name #4

Release: 13 Sept 2007
Publisher: Puffin
Everybody's buzzing about the Sixth Grade Play--especially the English Roses. When Grace is cast in the role Charlotte wanted, though, the girls' friendship is thrown for a loop. Is this drama too much for the Roses to handle? For more information visit

The New Girl #3

Release: 13 Sept 2007
Publisher: Puffin
Nicole is tickled pink when her cool friend from New York, Leslie, moves to London. But the English Roses are less then impressed, especially when Nicole ditches them to perform in the talent show with Leslie. Will Nicole choose Leslie over her four best friends? For more information visit

Goodbye, Grace? #2

Release: 13 Sept 2007
Publisher: Puffin
When Grace's parents start exhibiting some odd behavior, the Roses put their sleuthing skills to work--and determine that Grace's family may be moving! Can the Roses' friendship survive if one of them leaves London? For more information visit

Friends for Life! #1

Release: 13 Sept 2007
Publisher: Puffin
Welcome to the world of the English Roses! Meet each of the English Roses--Nicole, Amy, Charlotte, Grace and Binah--and learn all of their vital statistics. From each girl's full name, to her favorite pet, to her worst habits, this question-and-answer book will introduce readers to Madonna's delightfully charming girls. For more information visit

The English Roses, Too Good to be True

Release: 13 Sept 2007
Publisher: Callaway
With a whirling dervish of a teacher and a sprinkle of magic fairy dust, the English Roses learn valuable lessons about friendship and surviving their first crush. For more information visit

Lotsa De Casha

Release: 7 Jun 2005
Publisher: Callaway
Lotsa de Casha is the richest--and most miserable--man in the world. No matter how colossal his castles, how fast his horses, nor how big his sandwiches, he remains a gloomy old sourpuss. He is willing to pay any price for happiness, but realizes that it cannot be bought. Then one day, when he finds himself penniless and far from home, a gruff stranger helps him out and teaches him the secret to happiness. The soft, pastel tones of muralist, Rui Paes's palette, bring to life the whimsical world of Lotsa de Casha. Retail price $19.95.

The Adventures of Abdi

Release: 1 Nov 2004
Publisher: Callaway
Abdi is a little boy who has been given a very big task. He is to deliver the most precious necklace in the world--made by Eli, his teacher and a master jeweler--to the queen. Along the way he is robbed in the desert, thrown in a dungeon, and has a surprising encounter with a snake. But no matter what obstacles he faces, Abdi never gives up hope, believing that everything we have been given in life is always for the best. He is guided by Eli's wise words, "The power of certainty is without limits." The intricate and exotic paintings by husband-and-wife illustrators, Olga Dugina and Andrej Dugin, take readers into Abdi's world of snake charmers and flying carpets. Retail price $19.95.

Yakov and the Seven Thieves

Release: 1 Jun 2004
Publisher: Callaway
In a small village in Russia, Yakov, the kindly cobbler, and his wife, Olga, are heartbroken. Their only son, Mikhail, is dying. Doctors cannot help them, so they seek the advice of a wise old man at the edge of their village. This sage enlists the help of Vladimir the Villian, Sadko the Snake, Boris the Barefoot Midget, Stinky Pasha, Petra the Pickpocket, Ivan the Arsonist and Igor the Tiger - seven thieves who must pick the trickiest lock in order to save the child's life. They humorously prove that miracles can occur by embracing good deeds. The old-world style of renowned children's book illustrator, Gennady Spirin, is perfectly suited to the Eastern European setting and compassionate nature of this story. Retail price $19.95.

Mr. Peabody's Apples

Release: 10 Nov 2003
Publisher: Callaway
Mr. Peabody's Apples, a story about the power of words and the importance of teachers, is written for readers aged 6 and up, and illustrated by Loren Long, a brilliant young newcomer to the world of children's picture books. It takes place in 1949 in Happville, USA. Mr. Peabody, the beloved elementary school teacher and baseball coach, one day finds himself ostracized when rumors about him spread through the small town. Mr. Peabody silences the gossip with an unforgettable and poignant lesson about how we must choose our words carefully to avoid causing harm to others. Madonna dedicates Mr. Peabody's Apples to teachers everywhere. Retail price $19.95.

The English Roses

Release: 15 SEP 2003
Publisher: Callaway
The English Roses is a story of rivalry and friendship among schoolgirls in contemporary London. Nicole, Amy, Charlotte, and Grace are the very best of friends and do everything together. They are all a little bit jealous of Binah, a beautiful girl in their neighborhood who has a seemingly perfect life. When a feisty, pumpernickel-loving fairy godmother takes them on a magical journey, they learn to their great surprise that Binah's life is not nearly as enviable as it had seemed. The English Roses is an inspiring story about the importance of compassion and the rewards of friendship. Full of whimsical, colorful illustrations by renowned fashion artist, Jeffrey Fulvimari, the book will appeal to readers aged six and up. Retail price $19.95.



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