Madonna donating to hospital in Malawi from her Versace Campaign

Madonna Is Donating All the Proceeds 
of Her Versace Campaign to This Charity
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Madonna recently released photos from her upcoming spring 2015 campaign for Versace—and they're gorgeous.
She's not the first star to vamp in front of the lens for the brand—Lady Gaga featured in the Italian label's winter 2013 ads. And, believe it or not, the Material Girl was a lot less trouble.
"With Lady Gaga [it] was a bit more complicated," Donatella Versace told Italian paper Corriere Della Sera over the weekend. "She focuses on transformation and charisma and risks for this, always. So the final approval of the photo was a melee. But Madonna, absolutely not. I did believe that there were only the set and the filters and the rest. Then, she did everything in the studio in New York." (Translated from Italian)
There wasn't even Photoshop, Versace claims.
"She did not have her abdomen or arms retouched," she said. As for artistic direction? "I told her: You don't have to be only sexy. I want you like I know you: a vulnerable person who is afraid, who suffers from loneliness and yet is strong, determined, and fearless. In these photos, she is."
As for the proceeds from the campaign—they're not going to Madonna's bank account.
"I think of Madonna and her hospital in Malawi," Versace said, "Which is where the remuneration from our campaign will be going."
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