Madonna on The Best Playboy Models Ever

Playboy published its very first issue in December 1953. This is the 60th anniversary of this much celebrated lifestyle magazine which has been entertaining the world for a significantly long time. The first magazine cover had Marilyn Monroe on it as the price of the magazine was 50¢. Monroe's nude portrayal inside the magazine earned huge notoriety during those days.

Playboy has been quite influential in more ways than one. In fact, the latest craze 'selfie' which has also been named as the 'Word of the Year 2013' by the Oxford Dictionaries was apparently popularised by Playboy Playmate Shera Béchard, according to Coed. Béchard did so in her posts on social media, which are called 'Frisky Friday'.

Playboy covers have featured some of the greatest divas in the last 60 years. Here are our picks.

Marilyn Monroe (December 1953)

The very first Playboy cover was produced in Illinois. Even though Monroe did not do any photo-shoot for the magazine, Hugh Hefner used some of the nude images from a calendar photo session.


Lorna Hopper (April 1969)

This was one of the highest selling Playboy issues of all time. It featured Lorna Hopper, the Playmate of the Month. Ed DeLong and William Figge photographed the centrefold of Hopper. The photograph happens to challenge conventions regarding gender roles.

Joan Baez (July 1970)

Folk singer Baez was a beautiful exception on Playboy cover as it generally features the Playmate of the Month. Nat Hentoff took an equally impressive interview of hers in the magazine.

Bo Derek (March 1980)

Bo Derek set the screen on fire in the 1979 romantic comedy '10.' Shortly after the success of the film, she shot for Playboy. This was expectedly another top selling issues.

Goldie Hawn (January 1985)

Featuring on Playboy was Hawn's way of promoting her the then upcoming film 'Protocol.' Hawn was the executive producer of the film, besides being the lead actor. She is seen in a titillating pose inside a wine glass.

Madonna (September 1985)

Madonna posed nude for Playboy in the same year that featured Hawn. She was photographed in New York City seven years before those were published on the magazine. Madonna was a struggler during those days.

Pamela Anderson (October 1989)

Anderson was literally discovered during a Vancouver football game. She was wearing a Labatt's Beer t-shirt. It just took two months for her to feature on Playboy after that. The Playboy cover actually launched her career as a model and actor.

Drew Barrymore (January 1995)

Barrymore posed nude for Playboy when she was 19. Steven Spielberg sent a quilt on her 20th birthday and was asked to cover her up.

Carmen Electra (April 2003)

Electra is one of the most notable Playboy models of all time. Even though she featured on the magazine for the first time in 1996, the 2003 issue was probably the best from her.

Kim Kardashian (December 2007)

Kardashian did a lot of sizzling things in her life and posing nude for Playboy was one of those. She featured in the December issue in 2007 for promoting the first season of Keeping Up.



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