Madonna on twitter for #artforfreedom live art curation


Madonna: Im here lets begin

i want to wake up with these two slogans written on my arms every morning.


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I chose this photograph because if you are not awake nothing else matters. nice.

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. i love this submission - first and foremost to me dance is freedom and dancers are the athletes of the gods....

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A concept we all need to remember, we wouldn't judge each other so much if we practiced this daily

wow. thats amazing. i loved this. truthful, raw authentic. great writing, can totally relate.

the kind of art that leads to freedom because its about examining yourself. selfawareness.

Right on - erase hate! Haters go away

it takes two to open a door

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Happiness lies in our own hands

this is cool so many ways to say it. but it means the same thing in every language. we want to be free in every language.

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the universal language of freedom

there's a lot of pain in that poem i like i love it it's great

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i love it but why are there chains around the hands. take the chains off then its a perfect picture

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I couldnt agree with this more freedom is not defined by how we look or how we dress being naked has nothing to do with freedom

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knowledge is power part of the revolution of love is to make sure that everybody has the chance to be educated

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this is a film Putin should watch- clearly it's about the intolerance going in Russia, which is shocking to to witness in the 21st century.

There is definelty needs to be a revolution in Russia - let's start by getting Pussy Riot out of jail

See no sexual preference, see no skin color, see no religion, see no gender, just see...

Madonna: dont see....feel. what we see is often an illusion we would be better off if we were all blind

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this is the problem with religion it perpetuates the acceptance of dogma and does not encourage questions.

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Madonna: we cannot have a relationship with G*D unless we are encouraged to ask questions

you are more stronger without violence but a kiss with a fist is not good for your self esteem or your teeth

 I am still full of fears. Fear of not finding love. Fear of not finding freedom.

Madonna: join the club

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We are all imprisoned by our belief system, if you are a slave to needing someones approval then you are in a prison

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thank you for making the effort to come and see it

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for me the people that came to watch the guerilla projections are the real soldiers its easy to sit in your room and watch your computer

religion can be darkness when it separates people or when it teaches people to think in a fragmented way

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Madonna: truth in the package of a pretty picture. truth tied up with a pretty bow

Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.

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Madonna: this art is no joke i love this

Don't Attack what you Don't Understand

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What happened in Detroit is what happened in America It started off with so much promise and now its a graveyard@CityofDetroit

discrimination and hatred is ugly lets rise above

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...dug up by greed. Its time for a renaissance lets bring back the motor city lets bring back democracy@CityofDetroit

thanks for coming you are my soldiers

Madonna: when you know a person there will be no differences. knowledge is power. knowledge is part of the revolution of love.


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fear equals limitations never think in a limited way never give into your fear. be fearless.

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are you willing to die for what you believe in

suck it up baby thats life don't be a victim

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This is my favorite submission so far- where there is the greatest amount of darkness there is the greatest amount of light

lets all hold hands and pray maybe we will find the answer

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Madonna: im listening and so is everyone on twitter right now

The poor communities have to be heard to see a better future. 

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your revolution is just for the first world? and brazil? other places?

Madonna: theres no such thing as the first world. there is just one world.

there are only people who are part of the problem and people who are part of the solution

Madonna: i like this - this could be the cover of my new record i'm about to release - how much do you want for it?

Where do you think will be the hardest place to accept everyones opinions?

Hollywood1984 ArtForFreedom - Madonna Twitter Live Art Curation

Madonna: just kidding secretprojectrevolution took up all my free time but i am strumming my ukuele as i type

'Freedom from fear' could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights.

Madonna: yes thats true all discrimination and prejudice is a manifestation of fear

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theres a lot of truth in this poem but do not be fooled freedom must be earned freedom isnt for free

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Madonna: start to love one person unconditionally and learn to spell my name correctly. but i still love you

What can your real soldiers do for you now ? Come on, tell us. We're ready to change the world.

Madonna: yes you are blessed never forget it

Your London soldiers expressing theirselves we are blessed we have the freedom ❤❤❤

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Madonna: a perfect revolution im flying the first plane

a dreamed bombing, I'm all for it

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Madonna: yes it all starts with intention. why do you want to be free? what will you do with your freedom?

 BRAINWASHING-disconnection in society &the illusions were fed. Freedom =free thinking& good intentions

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Madonna: maybe Putin is gay maybe that's the problem

"Mr. Gorbachev, tear off those clothes!"

Madonna: so many people sending great submissions. Im really impressed with the effort people are making.

wish i had time to see it all but this is how we start a revolution. lets win this war with love. ART FOR FREEDOM

There are people who are putting a lot of efforts in here and will never get noticed... Just saying

Madonna: i love this, this one put a smile on my face

my path to freedom really started with you

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Madonna: thanks everyone. im going to walk out of this room with a smile on my face. keep sending submissions to