Madonna performing Devil Pray and Ghosttown live on Che Tempo Che Fa





Drugs and Cognition Assistance for mental decay...

The music was heartfelt and heart rending, as always.

The delivery amazing... I really do love that song, Devil Pray.

But I have to disagree with M's comments about drug use.

There ARE valid reasons for it.

If you were losing your mind and higher cognitive functions to Alzheimers-like degradation and more and more frequent black out periods, after a lifetime of being superhuman with your mind's abilities, and you can't get the medicine you need where you live... you can't get a prescription for it under the socialized medicine program... but you CAN get similar substances from people who know how to manufacture them on the black market... what would YOU do?

I know what I choose to do.

I choose to remain superluminal, and give the world the most new ideas, and new technologies, and new methods of tackling old problems, as I can before my mind is gone.

And if it means I only live ten more years instead of 30, or 40, or 50... so be it. At least I'll know that I did the most that I could to help the world.

A woman I met in San Juan years ago said something to me a long time ago...

"Through loneliness never descend to a lower paradise..."

And if that means that the decay of my mind, and the refusal of others to accept that I must make this choice for the benefit of all people, means I must live and work and remain alone, rather than be a vegetable for 30 years for someone else's benefit....

So be it.

I choose to bring Fire to the people.

And I accept the price for that.

So let the crows feast.

And let the venom drip into my eyes, with no angel of mercy to catch the fall.

It is only flesh that they rend.

My voice, my love, my words and the courage of my lifelong convictions will live on long after the flesh is worms meat.

For the last several years, I have demonstrated to the world through deeds and words the truth of this thing... that each of us has a unique biological equilibrium.

My homeostasis requires the intake of certain substances that offset the alzheimers/autism-like flatline of brain activity... things that send a spark of luminance and inner fire through the brain and nervous system in order to keep me functional.

I will NOT be a vegetable for anyone else's benefit.

And if anyone wishes to challenge the idea that my drug intake is a benefit to humanity, because of the gifts it allows me to continue to bring to people...

Let us hold that debate in a public forum.

Or a cognitive marathon of new meme creation, over a period of a week, or a month, under controlled conditions.

If you want to say drugs are of no benefit?

Prove it.

- Loki M.K.Alingam aka Asunarua Tauranusa


fun program! great job madge!


i like her vocals here


great performance!

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