Madonna's 1993 Hit 'Rain' Music Video Outtakes

Music Video Outtakes
rain madonna
Watch the rare outtakes below:

From the album Erotica
Single released: July 17, 1993
Label: Maverick, Sire, Warner Bros.
Writer(s): Madonna, Shep Pettibone
Producer(s): Madonna, Shep Pettibone
The video, directed by Mark Romanek, was filmed from May 16–19, 1993 at a Santa Monica Airport hangar in Santa Monica, California. Romanek and Madonna set the video to look like Ryuichi Sakamoto was directing it, giving it a backstage feel. It was entirely shot in black and white and then hand-painted with blue tones. The video begins with Madonna in a studio, lying on a sofa with headphones on her ears composing a song, following a sequence in which she sings in front of a microphone, which is alternated with those of her receiving instructions from the director (played by Ryuichi Sakamoto). She then appears in front of a background of bright lights, representing the sun-lit sky, and also in a scene of her kissing a man behind glass on which water falls. In his book Madonna as Postmodern Myth, Georges-Claude Guilbert expresses that the reason for the video's shoot-within-a-shoot style, including scenes in which Madonna is touched up with makeup as she is kissing a man, is to draw attention to "the disguise, the mechanisms, the artifice on which an artistic production rests." The video ends with an air view of open umbrellas covering the entire floor. In her book Experiencing Music Video: Aesthetics and Cultural Context, author Carol Vernallis expresses that "Rain" is one of the rare music videos in which the viewer becomes truly curious about the lead character because the video, along with other videos directed by Mark Romanek, contains a series of "tantalizing glimpses into some offscreen world, whole within itself but opaque to viewers." Vernallis goes on to say that throughout the video Madonna "evokes the cavernous empty corridors of the mind," which helps the viewer to relate to the emotion of the song.
The video premiered on June 21, 1993 on MTV. Later that year it won two MTV Video Music Awards for Best Art Direction and Best Cinematography. When Slant Magazine included the video at number 70 on their "100 Greatest Music Videos" list, they praised it as one of Madonna's most "beautiful" videos and a "simple and refreshing break from the singer's visually sex-drenched Erotica period." This was also the second consecutive video in which Madonna wore a wig (the first one being "Fever"). The video was first made commercially available when it was included on Madonna's 1999 The Video Collection 93:99 and most recently when it was included on the 2009 Celebration DVD.


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