Madonna's four tracks from the album 'Rebel Heart' on Billboard's Top downloaded Dance/Electronic Digital Songs

Billboard's Dance/Electronic Digital Songs
Rebel Heart
The week's top-downloaded dance/electronic songs:
#9 Bitch I'm Madonna (Madonna Featuring Nicki Minaj) 
#12 Living For Love
#14 Unapologetic Bitch
#16 Illuminati
Two versions of "Living," the album original and an instrumental, shipped to club DJs on the evening of Dec. 21. Remixes are currently in production and, once approved by Madonna, will be sent out.
Madonna told Billboard on Dec. 21 that "Living" went through more than 10 incarnations during the recording process, including ones with vocals from British singer MNEK. "There will be remixes with MNEK's voice," she confirmed.
As for radio airplay, top 40 has so far not warmed to "Living." It's received a mere 10 plays at the format (through Dec. 23) (led by KMXV Kansas City, which has sampled it three times). Then again, Interscope Records serviced the song at midnight, Monday morning (Dec. 22) as a soft sell. An Interscope source tells Billboard that the label will re-service the song after New Year's and decide on an official "add" date shortly thereafter. (Surely the song's rush release and Christmas week timing, when many programmers are on vacation, play into radio's general lack of interest in the song so far.)
"The reason I wanted to call the record Rebel Heart was because I felt like it explores two very distinct sides of my personality," Madonna says. (The album's buzz spurred Madonna to top the Billboard + Twitter real-time Trending 140 chart on Dec. 22.) "The rebellious, renegade side of me, and the romantic side of me.
"Fans will just get my rebellious and romantic side all mixed in together."

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