Madonna's 'Frozen' plagiarism case re-opened in Belgian court

Source: Het Nieuwsblad
Translation by Mad-Eyes

Yesterday the court of Mons, Belgium has re-opened the debates regarding the case of Acquaviva against Madonna. A few years ago, the composer Salvatore Acquaviva started legal action against Madonna, claiming her song 'Frozen' plagliarised his song 'Ma via fout le camp'.

The lawyers of Madonna's record labels voiced their opinions on Monday. They say that the prohibition on selling Madonna's song in Belgium is unlawful. The earlier reasoning that Madonna might have heard the song 'Ma vie fout le camp' during a possible stay in Belgium in the 70s, isn't based on any serious evidence.

In 2005 a judge in Mons decided that part of Frozen (1998) plagiarised Aquaviva's song, which he composed in the 70s. All copies of the Ray Of Light album were removed from the record stores and the song was banned from Belgian radio stations. In 2009, a special edition of the compilation album Celebration was released in Belgium, which excluded the song Frozen. Back then, record label Marketing Manager Bert Bieseman said: "If we can't release the compilation in Belgium, we have a serious budget problem. Yet we can't risk releasing the album with the song included, because the court fines are enormous". The three concerned record labels filed for complaint against the court's decision.

On December 16th, the debates will continue.

Madonna committing plagiarism? Judge for yourself:


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