'Miley Cyrus duet with Madonna is horrifying' -Rufus Wainwright

Rufus Wainwright has described Miley Cyrus 
duetting with Madonna as "horrifying"
The two singers performed together in 2013 when Madonna joined Cyrus at an MTV Unplugged recording. Cyrus was joined by Madonna for a mash-up of the pop icon's hit 'Don't Tell Me' and Cyrus' own 'We Can't Stop'.
However, one person who did not approve of their union was Wainwright who, in a new interview with The Guardian, did not shy away from making his feelings on Cyrus known. While stating that she is "a pretty good singer" he went on to add: "One of the most horrifying things I've seen in my life was her and Madonna singing together at the end of her Unplugged show. It was really, I don't know, the overtones were way undertoned. I just need a little bit more in my life than that."
Madonna posted on her Instagram: 
"Unconsciously transmitting ideas to 
the other MC way back when............,,,..#quantum" -Madonna
Asked if he worries about Cyrus' influence on young people, Wainwright added: "I have a daughter and she's three so I'm beginning to develop more protective instincts concerning her chastity and so forth, but on the other hand I do feel like kids today are incredibly smart. They have a sensibility that is about survival and lasting."
One musician who is a fan of Cyrus is Le Tigre and The Julie Ruin's Kathleen Hanna. Earlier this week she approached the pop star with plans for a collaboration after she posted pictures of Hanna in her Bikini Kill days on Instagram. (NME)

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