Re-Invention Tour (Rehearsals / Studio Versions)

Re-Invention World Tour was the sixth concert tour. It supported Madonna's ninth studio album American Life and visited North America and Europe. Madonna was inspired to create the tour, after taking part in an art installation called X-STaTIC PRo=CeSS, directed by photographer Steven Klein. She incorporated the images from the installation in the tour, whose name was in reality a dig at Madonna's critics. A number of songs were rehearsed for the tour, with twenty-four of them making the final setlist.
The tour was divided into five segments: French Baroque–Marie Antoinette Revival, Military–Army, Circus–Cabaret, Acoustic and Scottish-Tribal. The costumes were developed by designer Arianne Phillips based on the concept of re-invention. The opening segment displayed performances with dance in general. Military segment displayed performances with the theme of warfare. Circus displayed light-hearted performances while the Acoustic segment performances were melancholy. The final Scottish segment had Madonna and her performers display energetic dance routines. The tour garnered positive reception from contemporary critics. However, fellow singer Elton John accused Madonna of lip-synching on the tour. Madonna's representatives denied the allegations and John later apologized.

Re-Invention Tour was a commercial success. Tickets were completely sold as soon as dates and venues for the tour were announced, prompting the organizers to add more dates. After it wrapped up, the tour was named as the highest grossing tour of 2004, earning US $125 million ($158.50 million in 2017 dollars) from 56 shows with 900,000 fans. It won the Top Tour award as part of the 2004 Billboard Touring Awards. The tour was chronicled in a documentary titled I'm Going to Tell You a Secret. A CD+DVD was also released along with the film.
Set list:
1. The Beast Within (Video Introduction) (Contains elements of "El Yom 'Ulliqa 'Ala Khashaba")
2. Vogue
3. Nobody Knows Me
4. Frozen
5. American Life
6. Express Yourself
7. Burning Up
8. Material Girl
9. Hollywood (Remix) (Dancer/Video Interlude)
10. Hanky Panky
11. Deeper and Deeper
12. Die Another Day
13. Lament
14. Bedtime Story (Orbital Mix) (Dancer/Video Interlude)
15. Nothing Fails
16. Don't Tell Me (contained elements of "Bitter Sweet Symphony" in most European shows)
17. Like a Prayer
18. Mother and Father (contains excerpts from "Intervention")
19. Imagine
20. Into the Groove (contains elements of "Susan MacLeod" and "Into the Hollywood Groove")
21. Papa Don't Preach (ends with a reprise of "American Life")
22. Crazy for You
23. Music (contains elements from "Into the Groove")
24. Holiday (contains elements of "She Wants to Move")
Promotional poster for the tour
Associated album: American Life
Start date: May 24, 2004
End date: September 14, 2004
Legs: 2
No. of shows:
17 in Europe
39 in North America
56 Total
Box office: US $125 million ($158.50 million in 2017 dollars)


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