'Rebel Heart has been really, really intense' - Madonna

Madonna forgets recording experiences
Madonna in New York (January 24, 2015)
The 56-year-old singer is preparing to release her 13th studio album, 'Rebel Heart', and admits she has released so many LPs throughout her illustrious career she cannot recall the creative process she went through to make all her albums.
She said: "I cannot remember every record-making experience. It feels like there's been too many of them.
"But this ['Rebel Heart'] has been really, really intense ... complicated. Just because there are so many people involved.
"It's like a train that keeps picking up people. And every time someone gets on the train, they add another flavour.
"Then I have to step back and see, OK, how does this all fit into the big picture? So it does seem endless."
But the 'Papa Don't Preach' hitmaker has no problem recalling her fourth studio album 'Like A Prayer', which came with a cover scented with patchouli oils to simulate church incense, because she now "cannot stand" the aroma of the plant species.
She added in an interview with Mojo magazine: "Terrible, terrible perfume. I can't stand it. I don't [like it] any more. It's a tree hugger's smell."


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