Rob Lowe Tells Oprah About His Date With Madonna (Video)

Rob Lowe Tells Oprah About His First And Only Date With Madonna And The Lesson She Taught Him

It was the mid-'80s, right around the time Rob Lowe was filming "St. Elmo's Fire."Invited to see the next "hot new act," Lowe found himself backstage at a Madonna concert.

He tells Oprah about the night, which is detailed in his latest memoir, "Love Life."

"She was the 'it' girl," Lowe says in the above video from "Oprah Prime." "Literally, the 'it' girl at the height of her explosion."

After having what Lowe recalls as "a nice talk" backstage, they tried to set up a time to meet.

"It was as close of a date that I was willing to do in that stage of my life, if you know what I'm saying," Lowe muses.

After juggling schedules, Lowe and Madonna finally set a date to meet up at a New York City nightclub. "I thought, this is it," Lowe says. "This is the night. It's happening tonight. I'm the boy toy. I am the boy toy!"

The club was honoring Madonna that evening, and the dance floor was full of her "crazy, rabid fans," Lowe says.

"She goes,' I'm gonna go dance,'" Lowe says, and asked him to come with her. "And I was like, 'You're gonna go out there?' … I said, 'You're crazy. You can't – you'recrazy.' And I said, 'I'll wait here.'"

Madonna went off to dance, and Lowe says she never came back. "But right before she walked away she turned to me and said, 'I'm not gonna let success f*** up my fun."

"And I never forgot it," Lowe says. "And it's such an important lesson."

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