Rumours: New Madonna Album (Track List and Promo Dates)

Rumours: New Madonna Album (Track List and Promo Dates)
New album of Madonna.
The Messiah
(10 November 2014)
Formats: Digital - CD - Vinyl - DVD
 1. Inception
 2. Carry the load
 3. Rising from the Throne
 4. Matriarchy
 5. Living for love
 6. The iconic seven
 7. Rebel Heart
 8. The Anarchy
 9. Holy War
10. The art of peace
11. Messiah
Video promo ' Messiah " (19 September)
First single 'Living for love' (September 19 / 23)
'Living for love' video promo (October 03 ).
Launch in DVD set (November 10/11)
3 rumoured Song Lyrics of Madonna's upcoming new Album



Madonna Greatest hits 1983-2008

Greatest hits by Warner to accompany The Rebel Heart album march 2015...

The new greatest box set collection name: Madonna The complete singles collection 1983-2008...
In 7 CDs...

2.Burning Up
4.Lucky star
5.Borderline a Virgin
7.material girl
8.crazy for You
9.Gambler (Extended Remix)
11.into The groove
12.dress You Up
13.shake Your Head (Unreleased song) on The Run (Unreleased song)

CD2: To tell
2.papa don't Preach
3.true Blue Your Heart Isla Bonita
6.who's That girl
7.causing a commotion
8.the Look Of Love
10.each time You Break My Heart (Unreleased song)
11.santa Baby (Unreleased song)
12.verdamente triste (True Blue Spanish version)

CD3: a Prayer Yourself
4.oh Father
5.dear Jessie
6.keep It Together
8.hanky Panky
9.Justify My Love
10.Rescue me
11.this Used To Be My Playground
12.Get Over (feat.Nick Scotti)
13.Queen's English (Unreleased Song)

2.Deeper And Deeper
3.bad girl
5.goodbye To innocence (Unreleased Song)
7.bye bye Baby
8.i'll remember
10.Take a bow
11.Bedtime Story
12.Human Nature are The One (Unreleased song)
14.Shame (Unreleased song)
15.Love Won't Wait (Unreleased song)

CD5:'ll See More chance don't live Here Anymore Must Love me
5.don't Cry for me Argentina
6.another Suitcase in Another Hall
7.I can't Forget (Unreleased Song)
9.Ray Of Light
10.Drowned World/Substitute for Love
11.The Power Of good-bye
12.Nothing Really Matters
13.Like a Flower (Unreleased song)
14.Revenge (Unreleased song)
15.Gone Gone Gone (Unreleased song)

1.beautiful Stranger
2.american pie
4.Liquid Love (Unreleased Song)
5.don't Tell Me
6.What It Feels Like for a girl
7.die Another Day
8.American Life
10.Me Against The Music (Britney Spears feat.Madonna)
11.Nothing Fails profusion
13.i'm in Love with Love (Unreleased Song)
14.set The right (Unreleased song)
15.The game (Unreleased song)

1.Hung Up
3.Get Together
5.Hey You (Unreleased song)
6.4 Minutes (feat.JustinTimberlake & Timbaland)
7.Give It 2 Me
8.Miles Away
9.I'm In Love with Love (Unreleased Song)
10.Triggering (Unreleased Song)
11.Across The Sky (Unreleased Song)
12.Is This Love (Unreleased Song)

madonna and gaga

Madonna and GAGA are the true Queens of pop, both of their music rock, I love the both and I wish they would love each other.

Madonna's new album

Obviously not real. Where's Bitch, I'm Madonna, Unapologetic Bitch, Holy WATER, Heartbreak City, Two Steps Behind, Let Me, Love You From Inside Out, Sorceress, Boom, Magic, Loves Gonna Lift Me Up (all real titles)

Re: Madonna's new album

"Real", because many of them are wrong titles of real songs.

Re: Re: Madonna's new album

Hahahaha funny that she hasnt put out, BUT, the obvious track titles (which I dont see here) and new track titles keep surfacing, NTM the LP isnt even finished so how can this be real? 2 new producers came into the mix (1 being Blood Diamonds) so I guarantee this track listing is BEYOND fake and if you think that just by debating me anyone smart is going to believe you is something of reality, then think again! Believe me, Id like nothing more than her LP to come out now, but fake posts or believe in anything not confirmed is only going to be a disappointment .

Unapologetic Bitch?

No Unapologetic Bitch?


i like the titles



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