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Simon Doonan on Madonna becoming the 'Material Girl':

Madonna is like an incredible patron saint for fashion. That's really a function of timing. Right from the get-go she was very concerned with her look. She started performing in the '80s and the '80s was the era of post-modernism. What Madonna did very carefully was model herself on style archetypes meticulously.

On the fashion in Madonna's music videos:

Madonna had a really good sense of who was the groovy stylist. She also has her own innate sense of style. So it's a combination of having an innate sense of a style and a passion for self-presentation and then knowing who was the groovy person to call who would have a sense on how to put it together for her. Madonna always had that old school movie studio meticulousness that you hear about.

On the statement being made by Madonna's ever-changing fashion:

I once created an homage to Madonna in the windows at Barney's. It was called "The Mesmerizing Mistress of Perpetual Reinvention." We had her as a sort of sideshow. She's Frida Kahlo, Evita, Marilyn -- she inhabited all of these archetypes. That was her thing, finding a new one and transforming herself. There's a lot of Madonnas to love, you can take your pick.

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