''The Talk'' talk show dissing Madonna again! (Video)

The Talk

Madonna gives her 8-year-old son, David a grill.

The hosts discuss while getting a taste of their own shiny new grills!

Dear The Talk,

You know what?! Just shut the FUCK UP! Madonna is doing a GREAT JOB raising her kids!



Say what you want:

good mother

These women just player haters she has a following and 55 years old looks fucken great do what you want and she will

excuse the fuck me Oo

My Opinion: they are full of shit in this matter, and i am amazed of this Ozzy woman, how before she was defending M when her daughter was a Material Girl Model for M- project and now totally against.

and how she was okay with the nude pics of prince.Harry (that i am too okay with) BUT when anyone else do it, is disgrace and not normal so.. excuse the fuck me Oo


Madonna accomplished what she wanted, to piss them off !!!! She said it, I wear them to piss off people. Bringing up David to this conversation is irrelevant ! she loves her children too much , she would never hurt them in any shape or form. The Talk is making fun of Madonna, that is called bullying.

Re: Grillz

Madonna didn't get to where she is today by worrying what these hating bitches think you go Madonna love you for you being yourself

Go Madge!!!

jealous bitches!


This is what Madonna wanted..."PISS THEM OFF" LOL

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